Plum Coolured Starling or Violet-Backed Starling from

Fast Fact #3: Plum Coloured Starlings Traveling in Same-Gender Groups

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The Plum-coloured Starlings (also known as Violet-backed Starlings) have a marked difference between the the sexes. The Male is a bright, eye catching plum/violet colour whereas the female is a much plainer tawny brown.  After breeding (which usually occurs between late February and April) the sexes form separate, nomadic flocks as […]

Hoopoe Eating Worm on Birding Planet

African Hoopoe Birding Video (Hoopoe eating Worms)

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The Story: This is another bird I filmed while visiting some family on their farm near Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape. The Hoopoe is an easily recognizable bird with is long tapering, black bill and its distinctive ‘crown’ or ‘crest‘ of feathers.  It is chestnut coloured and has black and white stripes on the wings […]

Blue Cranes on Birding Planet

Blue Cranes Mating Dance Video (HD)

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The Story: I filmed these Blue Cranes (the national Bird of South Africa) while visiting some family on their farm near Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape. We were quite fortunate to witness the courtship/mating dance beginning to be performed. The male usually starts the dance by jumping up and down […]

Trumpeter Hornbill on Birding Planet

Trumpeter Hornbill Photo

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I took this photograph of a Trumpeter Hornbill in my back yard. I had noticed quite a few of them in the area, but this was by far the biggest one I had ever seen. They generally grow to 58cm – 65cm in length and this guy was definitely pushing the size […]

Pied Kingfisher on Birding Planet

Pied Kingfisher Video (HD)

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The Story: I filmed this Pied Kingfisher while on holiday at Kei Mouth. I have filmed quite a few Kingfishers before including one dive-bombing and catching a fish which is always a spectacular sight to watch. The Pied Kingfisher has a black mask over the eyes, a white supercilium (or eyebrows) and black […]

How This Blog Works

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How Birding Planet Works: Thursday Bird Day Every Thursday a Birding Video will be posted. The majority of these videos  will have been filmed in High Definition (HD), and will come with a detailed explanation of the bird, where it was filmed and interesting points to notice in the video. […]