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The Story:

I’ve often found this bird a difficult one to film, for two reasons: 1) they are small and very quick, flitting from branch to another, hardly ever sitting still and 2) they seem very shy and prefer to go deep into a bush than sit out in the open.

Having said that I was able to get some great, up-close footage of a big group of them over the course of a few days, thanks mainly to a good zoom capability on my camera.

The White-Eye is easily identified by the small white feathers around the eye. Mainly green while the breast and stomach is yellow, but can sometimes be more grey-ish.

Cape White-Eye HD Video

Vital Stats:

Cape White-Eye Size:

Quite a tiny bird weighing at only 11grams and growing to about 11-12cm in length.

Cape White-Eye on
Cape White-Eye on Birding Planet

Cape White-Eye Diet:

It feeds mainly on insects, but as you will see in this video it also loves berries, nectar, other fruit, small grains and soft flowers.

Scientific Name:

Zosterops virens


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