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Oriental Stork

Birds on the Endangered Species List

I recently found this video of Birds on the Endangered Species List. A big part of Birding Planet’s mission is to bring awareness about birds that are vulnerable or are facing extinction, that is mainly why I set up the donation page. This video below focuses on birds in different …

Bermuda Petrel - Cahow

The Endangered Bermuda Petrel

The Bermuda Petrel is the national seabird of the island of Bermuda. Only about 250 remain and the Bermudans are currently implementing massive conservational efforts to help the species survive. The Bermuda Petrel is a nocturnal, ground-nesting seabird; the young Petrel stays at sea for about five years before it …

Welcome To

Welcome To This blog is dedicated to Birds and birdwatchers.  We will have a collection of High Definition Birding Videos, Bird Articles, Audio files with Bird Calls and a host of other high quality resources to satisfy Bird Lovers around the world.