Pied Kingfisher Video (HD)

Pied Kingfisher on Birding Planet

The Story:

I filmed this Pied Kingfisher while on holiday at Kei Mouth.

I have filmed quite a few Kingfishers before including one dive-bombing and catching a fish which is always a spectacular sight to watch.

The Pied Kingfisher has a black mask over the eyes, a white supercilium (or eyebrows) and black bands across the chest.  It also has a crest at the back of its head, not unlike the Hoopoe.


Video in HD:


Vital Stats:


Pied Kingfisher Size:

Approxiamtely 17 cm long.


Pied Kingfisher Diet:


As its name suggests the primary food source of the Pied Kingfisher is …. fish!

But it also enjoys other snacks near the water such as crabs and insects.


Pied Kingfisher on Birding Planet
Pied Kingfisher on Birding Planet

Scientific Name:


Ceryle rudis


Pied Kingfisher Distribution Map:

(Where it is found)

Pied Kingfisher Distribution Map from PlanetofBirds.com
Pied Kingfisher Distribution Map from PlanetofBirds.com



Conservation Status:

Least Concern



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  1. We have red-tailed hawks in our yard, but they’re usually way up at the top of the trees. Great photo! One of my gdsorann’s favorite books is Bird Songs, by Les Beletsky, with the audio bird songs. To keep it from being too overwhelming (250 songs), he has decided he just wants to hear the owls and the hawks.

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