Researchers Discover Puffins Have Fluorescent Beaks That Glow Under UV Light

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Puffins are known for digging burrows and mating for life (just like the Egyptian Goose) but a recent discovery has made the seabird seem even more unique. British ornithologist, Jamie Dunning, found that the beaks of Atlantic puffins are fluorescent and glow a bright blue when placed under an ultraviolet light. Dunning […]

Fast Fact #7: The Far Traveling Arctic Tern

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Arctic Terns have the longest (in distance) yearly migration of any animal in the world. They travel from the Arctic, where they breed, all the way to Antarctica and back. Literally from one end of the world to the other! They cover a distance of a minimum of 44,000 miles […]

African Black Oystercatcher on BirdingPlanet

African Black Oystercatcher

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The Story: This bird is an all-black wader with unmistakable pink legs and an orange bill. I filmed this bird at the beaches of South Africa’s Wild Cost (The Indian Ocean). I spent two days looking for, and filming, them. There were quite a few and I was fortunate enough […]

Bermuda Petrel - Cahow

The Endangered Bermuda Petrel

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The Bermuda Petrel is the national seabird of the island of Bermuda. Only about 250 remain and the Bermudans are currently implementing massive conservational efforts to help the species survive. The Bermuda Petrel is a nocturnal, ground-nesting seabird; the young Petrel stays at sea for about five years before it […]