Malachite Kingfisher on Birding Planet

Malachite Kingfisher (HD Video)

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Malachite Kingfisher – The Story: While visiting a riverside getaway spot on the East Coast of South Africa I filmed these two Malachite Kingfishers next to the river. HD Video on Birding Planet: Vital Stats: Malachite Kingfisher Size: He grows up to 13 cm. Malachite Kingfisher Diet: Being true to […]

Black Bird Walk

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This morning I woke up early and went for a quick birding walk in my neighbourhood. It turned out to be a black bird morning as I saw Black-Collared Barbets Black Sunbirds Black-eyed Bulbuls Black-headed Orioles As well as Hadedas, Cape Turtle Doves, Cape Weavers, Red Winged Starlings and… this […]

African Black Oystercatcher on BirdingPlanet

African Black Oystercatcher

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The Story: This bird is an all-black wader with unmistakable pink legs and an orange bill. I filmed this bird at the beaches of South Africa’s Wild Cost (The Indian Ocean). I spent two days looking for, and filming, them. There were quite a few and I was fortunate enough […]

Black Headed Oriole on Birding Planet

Black Headed Oriole Video

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The Story: South Africa has four types of Orioles, but only this one has a black head. The head, throat and breast are all black. It has an olive-green tail and an orange beak. I filmed this bird at two different locations; in the video the first Oriole (close-up) was […]

Common Fiscal Shrike on

Common Fiscal Shrike Birding Video

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The Common Fiscal Shrike, also known as Jackie Hangman or the Butcher bird because of its tendency to catch prey and hang it on wire fences as a storehouse. This was another bird I filmed on the outskirts of Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Size The Fiscal […]

Grey-Headed Bushshrike Video (aka The Ghost Bird)

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The Story: I saw this Grey-Headed Bushshrike one day through my kitchen window;it is the one and only time I have seen this bird in my area. It is a striking bird, with beautiful, bold colours. It has a grey head and yellow eyes.  It is olive green along its back. It […]