African Black Oystercatcher

African Black Oystercatcher

Black Oystercatcher on the rocks in South Africa's Eastern Cape

The Story:

This bird is an all-black wader with unmistakable pink legs and an orange bill.
I filmed this bird at the beaches of South Africa’s Wild Cost (The Indian Ocean). I spent two days looking for, and filming, them. There were quite a few and I was fortunate enough to see them prying a few mussels loose for a meal.

African Black Oystercatcher on BirdingPlanet
Black Oystercatcher on the rocks in South Africa’s Eastern Cape

They generally live for about 35 years, and of that they are known to pair up for 25 years.
The species is considered “Near Threatened” with the global population sitting at less than 7000.
Their biggest threats, and egg and chick fatalities, are due to disturbance by people, dog attacks, off-road vehicles, and being hunted by the Kelp Gull.

HD Video of the African Black Oystercatcher

Vital Stats:

African Black Oystercatcher Size:

A large-ish bird weighing at around 580g to 820g and the size is about 42cm – 45cm

African Black Oystercatcher Diet:

Being a Seabird they predominantly eat mussels and limpets, but do also sometimes feed on insects and fish.

Scientific Name:

Haematopus moquini

African Black Oystercatcher Distribution Map (Where it is found)

African Black Oystercatcher Distribution Map on BirdingPlanet - pic

Conservation Status:

Near Threatened

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  1. So so pretty .ours on the Gulf Coast are makerd so differently, it makes me a bit jealous that you have them all black like this you’ve show us. Your sharing is always much appreciated!!

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