Befriending a Robin in Ireland during COVID-19 Lockdown

The recently imposed health policy of lockdown has become a universal phenomenon with people across the globe experiencing the unprecedented restriction of personal movement, and isolation from friends, family and neighbours. In Ireland national policies of self imposed isolation have been welcomed by some as an opportunity for invention, creation and innovation, and experimental family…Read More

Birdwatching in Malaysia (Part 3)

Part 3 of “Birdwatching in Malaysia” where I saw 300 bird species in 17 days by Mat Wilson Read Part 1 of Birdwatching in West Malaysia here. Read Part 2 of Birding in Malaysia here. Day 11 of Birdwatching in Malaysia (13th March) – Superb Sunday We decided to go off down the waterfall road…Read More

Birding in Malaysia (part 2)

Part 2 of “Birding in Malaysia” where I saw 300 bird species in 17 days by Mat Wilson Read Part 1 of Birdwatching in West Malaysia here. Birding in Malaysia: Day 4, (6th March) Started the day with a walk up to the lighthouse where we sat and looked out across the Straits. Had really…Read More

Birdwatching in Iowa

A Day of Birdwatching in Rural Southwest Iowa by Phyllis Davis This is part two and follows on from Birding in Iowa part one… …I head through the Loess Bluffs and down into the river valley of the Missouri to continue my Birdwatching in Iowa…  Forney’s Lake State Wildlife Management Area is my next destination. There…Read More

Birding in Southwest Iowa

A Day in the Life of a Birder in Rural Southwest Iowa by Phyllis Davis Camera….check, hiking shoes….check, tripod….check, multiple layers….check, bright sun in the sky….check. Looks like the perfect day to scan the beautiful, rural, southwest Iowa countryside for some of my favorite feathered friends. I climb into my Forester, camera always at arms…Read More

10 Tips on How to Care for your Pet Bird

Taking care of your Pet Bird is important. Pet birds are different than cats and dogs, but they are not any more difficult to keep healthy.  So how do you take care of a pet bird? 1. It is important for your bird’s health to keep his environment clean. Water dishes should be washed daily with soap and hot water. The…Read More

Elegant Paper Cranes

In 2015, paper artist Cristian Marianciuc started a 1,000-day goal to create a new paper crane each day. The extravagant designs included layers of multi-color paper, detailed cuts to imitate feathers, and often gilded elements added onto the wings. After his self-imposed challenge Marianciuc has given himself more time to work on each design, allowing cranes…Read More

Black Swans Feed Koi

Here’s a very unusual clip of a Black Swan retrieving food out of feeding box and feeding it to the fish swimming around him.  Amazing!   See some other Monday Fun Day posts here.

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