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The Birds receive a Boost

Once again the birds benefit first. This extra sponsorship will go a far way in helping the causes of the organizations with whom we have partnered. – INVALUABLE

Advertising for you or Organization

You will be thanked as an official sponsor on all Birding Planet’s social channels, that’s over 4000 people. If you don’t want to use your personal name you can use a business name or a charity of your choice to get the recognition. – VALUE $29

Kindle Course

Receive an entire ebook on how to create, publish and earn from your own book. – VALUE $17

Make Money with your Bird Photos

You will receive a guide showing you three different ways that you can make money with your bird photos in 2020. – VALUE $17

Credited in Conservation Videos

You will be named as a sponsor in the credits of our bird conservation videos – VALUE $85

eBook Bundle

Receive three ebooks including a) Gluten-free living b) Time-management c) A Checklist of 750 birds in North America – VALUE $25

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