Buff-Spotted Flufftail washing and drinking (HD Video)

This was a very exciting bird for to me film as it was a lifer for me; the first time I had ever seen it.

When I first saw it in the shrubbery I thought it was perhaps a juvenile spurfowl or some type of Frankolin. But once it made its way into the bird bath I could unimstakenly see that it was a Flufftail.

Initially I was a bit confused whether it was the Red-Chested Flufftail or the Buff-Spotted,  but what confirms it is that the red on the head only extends to the upper breast, not all the way to the lower breast and back as with the Red-Chested.

They are well known for their shy behaviour.

Here is the short HD video I filmed of the Buff-Spotted Flufftail:

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