Hamerkop on Birding Planet

Hamerkop Video

I filmed this Hamerkop on my way home on the outskirts of East London (South Africa). It was crossing the road of the small causeway which provides a nice location for nature and wildlife very close to town. Here’s the HD Hamerkop Video: The Hamerkop (English translation is “Hammer Head”) is a medium-sized, dusky brown-coloured…Read More

Grey Crowned Cranes

Crowned Crane HD Video

I filmed this pair of Crowned Cranes on a farm in Stutterheim, Eastern Cape. It is the same place I filmed the Blue Cranes a few years ago. And, just the same as in the Blue Crane video, these Crowned Cranes appeared to putting on the mating dance. Both sexes enjoy dancing, and the breeding…Read More

Black Shouldered Kite on Birding Planet

Black Shouldered Kite on Birding Planet

Black-Shouldered Kite Bird (HD Video)

I filmed this Black-Shouldered Kite at Addo Elephant Park in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. It’s a small raptor which enjoys wide open spaces. It has striking red eyes, and black shoulder patches which make it easily identifiable. The Black-Shouldered Kite likes to eat small rodents. They are often found alone, or in pairs,…Read More

Cape White-Eye on BirdingPlanet.com

Cape White-Eye on Birding Planet

Cape White-Eye Video

The Story: I’ve often found this bird a difficult one to film, for two reasons: 1) they are small and very quick, flitting from branch to another, hardly ever sitting still and 2) they seem very shy and prefer to go deep into a bush than sit out in the open. Having said that I…Read More

African Black Oystercatcher on BirdingPlanet

Black Oystercatcher on the rocks in South Africa's Eastern Cape

African Black Oystercatcher

The Story: This bird is an all-black wader with unmistakable pink legs and an orange bill. I filmed this bird at the beaches of South Africa’s Wild Cost (The Indian Ocean). I spent two days looking for, and filming, them. There were quite a few and I was fortunate enough to see them prying a…Read More

Black Headed Oriole on Birding Planet

Black Headed Oriole on Birding Planet

Black Headed Oriole Video

The Story: South Africa has four types of Orioles, but only this one has a black head. The head, throat and breast are all black. It has an olive-green tail and an orange beak. I filmed this bird at two different locations; in the video the first Oriole (close-up) was filmed in East London, while…Read More

Common Fiscal Shrike on BirdingPlanet.com

Common Fiscal Shrike on BirdingPlanet.com

Common Fiscal Shrike Birding Video

The Common Fiscal Shrike, also known as Jackie Hangman or the Butcher bird because of its tendency to catch prey and hang it on wire fences as a storehouse. This was another bird I filmed on the outskirts of Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Size The Fiscal Shrike is 21-23cm long and…Read More

ForkTailed Drongo on Birding Planet Title

ForkTailed Drongo on Birding Planet

Fork-Tailed Drongo Video

The Story: The Fork-Tailed Drongos are quite common throughout Africa, and I see them often. They also go by the name of African Drongo, Common Drongo or Savanna Drongo. The birds are completely black with the male being a bit more glossy/shiny. It has red eyes and a big head, as indicated in the video…Read More

Hoopoe Eating Worm on Birding Planet

Hoopoe eating a worm on Birding Planet

African Hoopoe Birding Video (Hoopoe eating Worms)

The Story: This is another bird I filmed while visiting some family on their farm near Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape. The Hoopoe is an easily recognizable bird with is long tapering, black bill and its distinctive ‘crown’ or ‘crest‘ of feathers.  It is chestnut coloured and has black and white stripes on the wings and tail. The crest on…Read More

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