Crowned Hornbill eating a grasshopper HD Video

Crowned Hornbill eating a grasshopper HD Video

I filmed this Crowned Hornbill eating a grasshopper or locust at Mansfield Game Reserve in Port Alfred, South Africa.  There were another two hornbills in close proximity, but this guy was refusing to share!

Watch the Crowned Hornbill video in HD below:

It is a dark brown hornbill with a white belly and long, red bill.  Unlike the Bradfield’s Hornbill, which has red eyes, the Crowned Hornbill has yellow eyes.  The male has a large casque and black facial skin, whereas the female has a smaller casque and a turquoise face.

Crowned Hornbill Size:

It weighs around 180g to 330g and the size is about 50cm – 54cm

Crowned Hornbill Diet:

As shown in the video above they seem to like grasshoppers! But generally they east insects and other invertebrates as well as smaller reptiles (lizards etc), seeds and fruit.

Scientific Name:

Tockus alboterminatus

Crowned Hornbill bird on Birding Planet
Filmed and edited by Rory Wilson for (Bird videos and resources (Video productions and Web design) (Hobbies and life resources)

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