Fork-Tailed Drongo Video

Fork-Tailed Drongo Video

ForkTailed Drongo on Birding Planet

The Story:

The Fork-Tailed Drongos are quite common throughout Africa, and I see them often. They also go by the name of African Drongo, Common Drongo or Savanna Drongo.

The birds are completely black with the male being a bit more glossy/shiny. It has red eyes and a big head, as indicated in the video below, and, of course, it has a forked tail from which it get its name

They are a small, but incredibly aggressive species, and will often attack bigger birds.

Vital Stats:

Fork-Tailed Drongo Size:

He is usually about 25cm long.

Fork-tailed Drongos Diet:

They eat insects which they either catch in flight or pick up from the ground.
I took a quick video of a Drongo eating a moth here.

Scientific Name:

Dicrurus adsimilis

Fork-Tailed Drongo Distribution Map

(Where it is found)

Fork Tailed Drongo Distribution map
Fork Tailed Drongo Distribution map from



ForkTailed Drongo on Birding Planet Title
ForkTailed Drongo on Birding Planet

Conservation Status:

Least Concern

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