Receive a FREE GIFT from Birding Planet

Receive a FREE GIFT from Birding Planet

Paracord Bracelet with Whistle

Birding Planet is giving its members a choice between two FREE GIFTS!

The first choice:  A Foldable Water Bottle.

  • It’s excellent for birdwatching and hiking
  • It has a 480ml capacity
  • When it’s empty you just roll/fold it up and put it in your pocket or backpack
Foldable Water Bottle
Foldable Water Bottle


The Second option: a Parachute Cord Wristband with Emergency Whistle

  • Excellent for any outdoor emergency situation
  • Fits comfortably and looks like a fashionable wristband
  • The wristband unravels to provide you with sturdy cordage (rope)
  • An emergency whistle is built into the plastic clip
Parachute Cord Bracelet with whistle BP
Parachute Cord Bracelet with whistle


To receive your free gift, you can become a member here.

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Rory Wilson

I am an avid hiker, birdwatcher and camper. I love the outdoors. I initially started Birding Planet to share my bird videos, now I enjoy connecting with birdwatchers around the world. Come join the Birding Planet group at

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