Long Crested Eagle Video – East London

Long Crested Eagle Video – East London

I filmed this Long Crested Eagle at our local estuary.  I have filmed one before in the Drakensburg, one at Chintsa and a few times in Stutterheim, but this was the first time I had captured him on film in East London.

It is one of the more sluggish eagles and spends most of its time perched in a tree. The adults are blackish-brown with long, thin feathers growing from the rear of the crown which are held erect to form a crest. They have bright  yellow eyes, which can be darker in females.

The juveniles are similar to the adults, but the plumage is lighter in colour and the crest is not as developed and their eyes are grey.


Long-Crested Eagle Size:

Just over half a meter, about 52 – 58cm, with a wingspan of 1.1 – 1.3m.  It generally weighs about 810g – 1.3 kg.

Scientific Name:

Lophaetus accipitalis

Conservation Status:

Least Concern

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Long Crested Eagle in EL on Birding Planet

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