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Get Bird Photography Guides

Birdwatching and Photography

Goshawk and Kite

Goshawk and Kite

Raptor Videos I filmed

Endangered Birds of Nevada

Recently I published a post on the 15 Endangered Birds of Florida. Due to the popularity of that post I decided to post a follow up article covering the endangered, or threatened, birds of Nevada. As per usual, sadly, most of these birds are threatened as a direct result of humans’ actions such as: developing…Read More

Gardening for Butterflies

While birdwatching I often see some amazing butterflies and I know many other birders love seeing these beautiful insects. Gardening for butterflies is the art of growing plants that attract butterflies, while creating a garden that appeals to you as well. While we were visiting the Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town a while ago, we saw a whole…Read More

Get this Beautiful Bird Book while you Support a Great Social Cause

The Kamat family are passionate birdwatchers. They are also on a mission to help impoverished school children in Atlanta, Guyana, Kenya and India. Firstly they put together a beautiful birding book from their trip through Florida. Then they partnered with Every Child Counts, a non profit organization that is committed to providing children with everything…Read More

A pair of African Penguins

Celebrating Penguin Awareness Day

This Sunday, the 20th of January, is Penguin Awareness Day! The day helps raise awareness about the flightless birds whose numbers are dwindling by the day, as well as aiming to bring international focus on the conservation of penguin habitats. Southern Hemisphere Natives Penguins are aquatic birds native to the Southern Hemisphere. There are about…Read More

I often see Red-billed (Green) Wood-Hoopoes in my garden

Small Garden Enhancements to Attract Birds to Your Neighborhood

Small Garden Enhancements can have a Big Collective Effect in Attracting Birds to Your Neighborhood   When it comes to attracting native birds to your garden and general neighborhood, small enhancements made by individual homeowners can have a big collective effect. That’s the lesson of a novel study published recently by researchers with the University…Read More

Elegant Paper Cranes

In 2015, paper artist Cristian Marianciuc started a 1,000-day goal to create a new paper crane each day. The extravagant designs included layers of multi-color paper, detailed cuts to imitate feathers, and often gilded elements added onto the wings. After his self-imposed challenge Marianciuc has given himself more time to work on each design, allowing cranes…Read More

Cape Batis on Birding Planet

Cape Batis on Birding Planet

Cape Batis video

This was another lifer for me; the Cape Batis. It is a Flycatcher-like bird which is closely related to helmetshrikes and bushrikes. It has a large head and a thick, black eye-mask and golden eyes (female’s eyes are reddish). It has a black breast band. HD Video of the male Cape Batis: Share this!

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