Southern Red Bishop on Birding Planet (HD Video)

Southern Red Bishop on Birding Planet (HD Video)

Southern Red Bishop

The Story:

I filmed this Red Bishop at an outdoor coffee shop which overlooked a pond (not the same place where I filmed the Red-knobbed Coot).

There were two or three male Red Bishops flitting in and out of the reeds of the pond, which is a tell-tale sign that it was breeding season as during this time the bird is generally found near water among grass, reeds or crops such as sugar cane. Outside the breeding season it will go further into drier grassland and savanna habitats. I’ve always thought they are a beautiful bird with the striking red colours.

Southern Red Bishop HD Video

Vital Stats:

Southern Red Bishop Size:

It’s similar in size to the Cape White-Eye, at about 10–12 centimetres long and has a thick conical bill.

Southern Red Bishop
Southern Red Bishop

Scientific Name:

Euplectes orix

Conservation Status:

Least Concern

Related Birds:

Other Bishops and Widowbirds

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