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I am passionate about birds and getting people to appreciate them and their beauty.

Birds are facing more and more dangers everyday, mostly because of humans, and there are 50 more birds listed this year as having a higher risk of extinction than there were last year. Through my videos I hope to bring awareness and to inspire people in their busy day to stop and appreciate the birds above and around them.

You can Support Birding Planet in various ways:

  • The most popular option is to Sponsor a Birding Video. When you do this your name (or the name of your company or organization or website etc) is included in the video. That way you are forever linked with the birding cause.
    Standard video sponsorship costs a once-off fee of R450 R350 (discount valid until August 2016). This is a once-off cost that ensures a particular Birding Video will contain your name permanently hard-coded into it, never to be deleted.


  • Other sponsorship options include monthly donations which get your name printed on the blog (BirdingPlanet.com) there are various levels within this, please email birdingplanet@gmail.com for more details. These levels start at just R39 per month.


  • We also have other donation/sponsorship options from as low as a R10 once-off gift which will still get you (or your organization) exposure on our social media platforms.

All sponsors are added to our subscriber list which entitles them to various bonuses as well.

Please email birdingplanet@gmail.com for any sponsorship details


If you are not paying in ZAR (South African Rands) and would prefer to pay in USD (from as little as $1), you can do that by clicking this link: Pledge Support for Birding Planet.


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