Get 6 Great Bird Books and Support Bird Conservation

Get 6 Great Bird Books and Support Bird Conservation

Some exciting news: for the past few months I have been talking to various bird conservation organizations around the world trying to find the right ones with whom to collaborate.

As of now I have partnered with five bird sanctuaries on four different continents in an attempt to raise funds for each of them. They have been massively affected by COVID-19 restrictions and are desperate for financial assistance.  I will hopefully add more sanctuaries in the near future.

So in order to raise funds for each them I am giving away a Bird Bundle, that includes six products, in return for a donation to their causes.

Each Bird Bundle includes the following products:

Digital book: How to take amazing bird photos

Digital book: Checklist of 750 birds in the USA with detailed descriptions of each

Digital book: 50 recipes for bird treats to attract more birds to your garden

Fast guide:  The best cameras for photographing birds, something for every budget

Fast guide:  10 tips to take care of your pet bird

Fast guide:  10 great tips to improve your bird photography

bird conservation 6 bird bundle books

So when you make your donation you will receive that entire bundle.

Specifically we will be helping the following birds this month:

The Falcons of the USA

The Cape Parrots, Penguins and coastal birds of South Africa

The Owls of the UK

The Wattle Birds and Parrots in Australia

All the details can be found here:

And I have a coupon code for all Birding Planet readers which will give you a 20% discount. You can apply the code at the checkout

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The more of these Bundles that we can sell the more we can help bird conservation organizations, and sponsor more birds.

Also, if you’d like to earn commissions from sharing the information with others please let me know and I will send you a unique link that you can share.

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Rory Wilson

I am an avid hiker, birdwatcher and camper. I love the outdoors. I initially started Birding Planet to share my bird videos, now I enjoy connecting with birdwatchers around the world. Come join the Birding Planet group at

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