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You can pledge your support for the birds of the world by donating any amount from as little as $1.

You can do that by clicking this link:  Pledge Support for Birding Planet.

I am passionate about birds and getting people to appreciate them and their beauty.

Birds are facing more and more dangers everyday, mostly because of humans, and there are 50 more birds listed this year as having a higher risk of extinction than there were last year.

I make HD Bird videos for people to enjoy their incredible beauty. I try use a long-range lens wherever possible (although my equipment does need an upgrade) so I can bring the viewer as close to the birds as possible. In that way I am also able to film inside a bird’s nest to see the mother looking after the chicks.

Through my videos I hope to bring awareness and to inspire people in their busy day to stop and appreciate the birds above and around them.

I aim to make 3 to 5 videos every month, but if I can generate enough support I can get more videos done every month.

Why do I need Support?
I want to be able to film more birds. I would like to be able to travel further, to find more of the vulnerable (threatened) birds who need more exposure, to raise their “public profile” so that more people are aware of how their actions can threaten a species. I also need to upgrade my equipment to produce better videos, and improve my software (the software alone costs about $89 (R 1400) every month)

You can donate by clicking this link:  Pledge Support for Birding Planet.

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