Interesting Bird Fact -Researchers Discover Puffins Fluorescent Beaks

Puffins are known for digging burrows and mating for life (just like the Egyptian Goose) but a recent discovery has made the seabird seem even more unique. British ornithologist, Jamie Dunning, found that the beaks of Atlantic puffins are fluorescent and glow a bright blue when placed under an ultraviolet light. Dunning made the discovery back in…Read More

Arctic Tern

Hoopoe Eating Worm on Birding Plane

Hoopoe Eating Worm on Birding Plane

A male Lady Amherst's Pheasant

A male Lady Amherst's Pheasant

Pygmy Falcon

Pygmy Falcon (from

Plum Coolured Starling or Violet-Backed Starling from

A male Plum Coolured Starling (from

Interesting Bird Fact – Plum Coloured Starlings Traveling in Same-Gender Groups

The Plum-coloured Starlings (also known as Violet-backed Starlings) have a marked difference between the the sexes. The Male is a bright, eye catching plum/violet colour whereas the female is a much plainer tawny brown.  After breeding (which usually occurs between late February and April) the sexes form separate, nomadic flocks as they migrate from Southern to…Read More

Armstedt Coat of Arms (from

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