Buy Birding Planet’s Digital DVD – Only 4.99

Get your digital version of Birding Planet’s DVD – Volume 1.

A stunning collection of High Definition bird videos filmed and edited by the professional production company Red King Films.  Get a 20% discount when you refer a friend: if they make a purchase they get a 20% and so do you! (see top of the next page when you click “more details“)

Over 30 minutes of edited HD close-up footage of wonderful birds including:

  • a Pygmy Kingfisher eating a lizard
  • the near-threatened Black Oystercatcher
  • a Crowned Hornbill eating a locust
  • Red Knobbed Coot nesting on her eggs
  • Kelp Gull eating a fish
  • the beautiful Grey Headed Bushshrike
  • and a whole lot more!

(If you would like to order the physical DVD, with shipping charges, please email

At the moment it is selling for just $4.99 – approximately R70.

Click MORE DETAILS to see more, or to order.

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