How This Blog Works

How This Blog Works

How Birding Planet Works:

Thursday Bird Day

Every Thursday a Birding Video will be posted. The majority of these videos  will have been filmed in High Definition (HD), and will come with a detailed explanation of the bird, where it was filmed and interesting points to notice in the video.


Fast-Fact Friday

Fridays will see a “fast fact” published.  These are quick, interesting facts about a particular species.


Monday Fun Day

On Mondays anything goes: we’ll have reviews, guest posts, photos, or anything else birding related.


I hope you’ll enjoy your experience with Birding Planet!
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Rory Wilson

I am an avid hiker, birdwatcher and camper. I love the outdoors. I initially started Birding Planet to share my bird videos, now I enjoy connecting with birdwatchers around the world. Come join the Birding Planet group at

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