Nahoon Estuary Nature Reserve is Open!

Nahoon Estuary Nature Reserve is Open!

The Nahoon Estuary Nature Reserve (NENR) has spent many months being closed due to the COVID-19 lockdown regulations implemented by the government. But as of 24 August 2020 it has once again opened to the public.

Since the re-opening a few weeks ago I have visited the reserve a few times and have not been disappointed; the birdlife and nature has thrived during the enforced break from any people.

On my first two visits back to the NENR I was treated to the following birds at the hides and on the forest walks:

  • Pintailed whydahs
  • Grey headed sparrows
  • pair of Southern boubous
  • Fork-tailed drongos
  • Thick billed weavers
  • Village weavers
  • Olive thrush
  • Bronze mannikins
  • Olive woodpecker
  • Various sunbirds
  • Black collared barbets
  • Speckled mousebirds
  • Cape white-eyes
  • Common waxbills
  • Dark capped bulbuls

It has also been wonderful to see the amount of people who have been visitng the reserve and enjoying the walks and bird hides.

If you have any photos or stories from your birding outings send them to to have them published here. All the details are here.

Please be aware of the government rules requiring that all visitors wear a mask when entering and walking through the reserve.

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