Black Headed Oriole Video

Black Headed Oriole on Birding Planet

The Story:

South Africa has four types of Orioles, but only this one has a black head.

The head, throat and breast are all black. It has an olive-green tail and an orange beak. I filmed this bird at two different locations; in the video the first Oriole (close-up) was filmed in East London, while the second was filmed along the Wild Coast of South Africa. It generally lives in mature woodland and forests.

HD Video of the Black Headed Oriole

Vital Stats:

Black-Headed Oriole Size:

A relatively lightweight bird at around 60g to 80g and size is about 20cm – 25cm.

Black-Headed Oriole Diet:

Feeds on small fruit and large insects.

Scientific Name:

Oriolus larvatus

Black-Headed Oriole Distribution Map (Where it is found)


Conservation Status:

Least Concern

Black Headed Oriole on Birding Planet
Black Headed Oriole on Birding Planet

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