Get this Beautiful Bird Book while you Support a Great Social Cause

Get this Beautiful Bird Book while you Support a Great Social Cause

The Kamat family are passionate birdwatchers. They are also on a mission to help impoverished school children in Atlanta, Guyana, Kenya and India.

Firstly they put together a beautiful birding book from their trip through Florida. Then they partnered with Every Child Counts, a non profit organization that is committed to providing children with everything they need to go to school and to learn.

Making a Positive Impact

All proceeds from the sale of the book go directly to supporting this fantastic cause. Contributions in 2019:
• Provided snacks covering 250 elementary school children in the Atlanta Public Schools (APS).
• Provided a wholesome lunch every school day to 167 school children at Waitua Primary School in Kenya.
• Provided 400 school kids with textbooks for the year at St. Anne’s Primary School in Kenya.
• Provide school supplies, toys and clothes to Camal International Home, an orphanage, a local hospital and an indigenous school in Guyana.

This is what author Samir Kamat had to say about their book:

“Publishing this book was a spontaneous decision. My son Vajraang and I decided to unplug and be with nature for a week. The amazing birds and beauty we saw compelled us to compile these pictures and stories you see in this book. The frames take you into the world of these amazing birds, each with their own personality and traits. The end of the book has a section on the locations, photography tips and suggestions for readers on how to plan for such a trip.”

The book is available in paperback and kindle versions. You can get this great book, and support a fantastic cause, here.

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