Ian Sinclair’s New SA Bird Pocketbook

Ian Sinclair’s New SA Bird Pocketbook

From well-known South African Bird expert, Ian Sinclair, comes the latest in Struik Nature’s Pocket Guide series. This book covers an astonishing 500 southern African birds yet is small enough to fit in your pocket. You can also get the kindle version here (at a reduced price) to read on your mobile device.

“Birds of Southern Africa”
is loaded with information that makes for quick and easy bird identification. Colour photographs show each bird, giving both male and female images where there’s a difference.

Concise text pinpoints key identification features.
Distribution maps locate each species in the region.
Calendar bars show the months when the birds are more likely to be seen.
Bird size and breeding months are indicated.

For use at home or when travelling to new areas, this handy pocket guide will be an indispensable companion.
Order the pocket book here.

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