Hamerkop Video


I filmed this Hamerkop on my way home on the outskirts of East London (South Africa).

It was crossing the road of the small causeway which provides a nice location for nature and wildlife very close to town.

Here’s the HD Hamerkop Video:

The Hamerkop (English translation is “Hammer Head”) is a medium-sized, dusky brown-coloured bird with a unmistakable head shape. This characterisitc is what makes it so easy to identify.

Hamerkop Diet

It usually lives near water so it can hunt for small fish, tadpoles, insects, shrimp and other invertebrates.

Hamerkop Communicating

In flight single birds utter a plain ‘keep’, followed at intervals of a few seconds by other individual notes. They make a loud and discordant yip-purr chorus in social displays away from the nesting site.

Conservation Status

Least Concern

Scientific Name

Scopus umbretta

Hamerkop on Birding Planet

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