Knysna (Turaco) Loerie – HD Video and Story

Knysna (Turaco) Loerie – HD Video and Story

The Story:

This is another bird I saw while trying out a new coffee shop (click here to see all the birds I’ve filmed while visiting coffee shops). It was a treat to get such a clear view of a Knysna Loerie (aka Knysna Turaco) in its natural habitat. It was the first time I have been able to properly film one, I usually battle to capture them on video as they normally fly quickly overhead and settle near the top of thick bushes and trees.

While I was filming this one he helped himself to quite a few berries from the trees.

The Knysna Turaco is endemic to Africa and is a striking bird, with beautiful, bold colours. It is mainly green with a short rounded crest on its head. This crest has a distinctive white fringe. The wings also have some red in the feathers. Other than berries it eats insects, earthworms and other fruit.

Vital Stats:

Knysna Loerie Size:

Approximately 40 – 46cm long.
280 – 350g in mass.

Scientific Name:

Tauraco Corythaix

Conservation Status:

Least Concern

Related Birds:

Other Turacos and Go-Away Birds (Louries)

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