Join Birding Planet’s “Lockdown Birding Challenge”

Join Birding Planet’s “Lockdown Birding Challenge”

This is for beginners and pros alike, any skill level and photo quality e.g. cellphone, DSLR, Drone, anything is welcome!

For those of you who are in countries where you are not allowed to leave your property, here is the Lockdown Birding Challenge. 📸🎥🦆🦅🐦


Take a photo or a video of any bird that you can see from your premises i.e. the bird doesn’t have to be in your garden, it could be in the neighbour’s yard or across the road, but if you can capture it without leaving your property it counts!

Then post it in the Birding Planet Facebook Group with #LockdownBirdingChallenge and we’ll see what collection we have at the end of each day. We’ll throw in some random prizes too.

For those who aren’t on lockdown, you can feel free to post any bird photos and videos in the group as well.

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Rory Wilson

I am an avid hiker, birdwatcher and camper. I love the outdoors. I initially started Birding Planet to share my bird videos, now I enjoy connecting with birdwatchers around the world. Come join the Birding Planet group at

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