Researchers Discover Puffins Have Fluorescent Beaks That Glow Under UV Light

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Puffins are known for digging burrows and mating for life (just like the Egyptian Goose) but a recent discovery has made the seabird seem even more unique. British ornithologist, Jamie Dunning, found that the beaks of Atlantic puffins are fluorescent and glow a bright blue when placed under an ultraviolet light. Dunning […]

Video of Crows divebombing Crowned Eagle at International Cricket Match

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I recently took this video of a group of 3 to 4 Crows chasing a Crowned Eagle at international cricket match between South Africa and Bangladesh. The Eagle later got one of the chicks and we saw it flying away with the small bird in it’s talons. Excuse the quality […]

How to Take Excellent Bird Photos

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    Here’s an excellent, comprehensive course by the world-renowned photographer Jared Polin, showing you how to take better bird photos You are more Than AUTO You are smarter than your camera, so why let it make all the decisions for you? Your camera’s Auto feature may give you okay […]


Hamerkop Video

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I filmed this Hamerkop on my way home on the outskirts of East London (South Africa). It was crossing the road of the small causeway which provides a nice location for nature and wildlife very close to town. Here’s the HD Hamerkop Video: The Hamerkop (English translation is “Hammer Head”) […]

Red Backed Mannikin

Red Backed Mannikin finds string for nest (Video)

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While I was in the Drakensburg I filmed this Red Backed Mannikin (aka Brown Backed Mannikin) who had just found a string to assist with his nest-building. I don’t often see this variation; in the Eastern Cape we are more accustomed to the Bronze Mannikin and my garden is usually […]

Crowned Crane HD Video

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I filmed this pair of Crowned Cranes on a farm in Stutterheim, Eastern Cape. It is the same place I filmed the Blue Cranes a few years ago. And, just the same as in the Blue Crane video, these Crowned Cranes appeared to putting on the mating dance. Both sexes […]

Fast Fact #7: The Far Traveling Arctic Tern

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Arctic Terns have the longest (in distance) yearly migration of any animal in the world. They travel from the Arctic, where they breed, all the way to Antarctica and back. Literally from one end of the world to the other! They cover a distance of a minimum of 44,000 miles […]

Knysna (Turaco) Loerie – HD Video and Story

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The Story: This is another bird I saw while trying out a new coffee shop (click here to see all the birds I’ve filmed while visiting coffee shops). It was a treat to get such a clear view of a Knysna Loerie (aka Knysna Turaco) in its natural habitat. It […]

Black Shouldered Kite on Birding Planet

Black-Shouldered Kite Bird (HD Video)

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I filmed this Black-Shouldered Kite at Addo Elephant Park in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. It’s a small raptor which enjoys wide open spaces. It has striking red eyes, and black shoulder patches which make it easily identifiable. The Black-Shouldered Kite likes to eat small rodents. They are often […]

Southern Red Bishop

Southern Red Bishop on Birding Planet (HD Video)

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The Story: I filmed this Red Bishop at an outdoor coffee shop which overlooked a pond (not the same place where I filmed the Red-knobbed Coot). There were two or three male Red Bishops flitting in and out of the reeds of the pond, which is a tell-tale sign that […]