Interesting Bird Fact – Penguins Camouflage

Interesting Bird Fact – Penguins Camouflage

While penguins might extremely noticable on land, when they are in the ocean, under the water, their black and white coloring helps them stay camouflaged and hidden from both predators and prey.

As they swim, their black backs blend in with the darker ocean water below them so that they’re difficult to be seen by any creature above them.

Picture of a Humming Bird advertising Birding Planet's Facebook group.

At the same time their white chests help them blend in with the lighter, brighter surface of the water, so that from below, they’re almost invisible as well.

And speaking of ‘standing out on land’ here are African penguins that were wandering around the quiet streets of South Africa during their national COVID-19 lockdown.

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