Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

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Videos of Robin taking cheese

Videos of Robin taking cheese

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Bird Photographer of The Year – Shortlist

Bird Photographer of The Year Announces The Magnificent Shortlist Competing Photos of 2020 For the fifth year now, the prestigious Bird Photographer of the Year (BPOTY) announced the shortlist photographs of 2020.  15,000 images were submitted by photographers from over 60 countries worldwide. (If you haven’t already joined the Birding Planet Facebook group, click here to join)…Read More

Join Birding Planet’s “Lockdown Birding Challenge”

This is for beginners and pros alike, any skill level and photo quality e.g. cellphone, DSLR, Drone, anything is welcome! For those of you who are in countries where you are not allowed to leave your property, here is the Lockdown Birding Challenge. 📸🎥🦆🦅🐦 LOCKDOWN BIRDING CHALLENGE Take a photo or a video of any…Read More

Giving Yourself the Best Defense Against the Coronavirus

Obviously people all around the world have been adversely affected by the Coronavirus. For a while birdwatchers and hikers thought they’d be fine as they would self-isolate in the national parks and reserves, but now it seems most of those around the world are being closed as well. Dr Christopher Kawa (a medical practitioner of…Read More

Birdwatching Terms and Birdwatching Slang (i.e. Birders’ Language)

Due to the popularity of birdwatching, and the way the hobby has (especially recently) transcended age groups and cultures, it has developed its own slang. It can be quite confusing for people who have just started to enjoy birding, and they can get quite lost in a conversation with a group of more seasoned birdwatchers.…Read More

Get this Beautiful Bird Book while you Support a Great Social Cause

The Kamat family are passionate birdwatchers. They are also on a mission to help impoverished school children in Atlanta, Guyana, Kenya and India. Firstly they put together a beautiful birding book from their trip through Florida. Then they partnered with Every Child Counts, a non profit organization that is committed to providing children with everything…Read More

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